Free Monitor Manager Features

Free Monitor Manager allows to control these monitor's settings: brightness, contrast and red, green, blue colors.

It also supports multiple monitors configurations. You can adjust settings of each monitor separately.

Free Monitor Manager prefers to control your monitor using the special commands sent to it directly. However, not all monitors allows to do this. In such cases Free Monitor Manager manipulates with video card data to achieve the required behaviour. Please note that in such a case the contrast slider may be disabled (this feature is not implemented currently).

1. Adjust monitor's settings using sliders in main window

Here is the main window:

"#1" in the name of a monitor means its internal number in Free Monitor Manager records. You can switch between available monitors using Monitor field.

Once you've finished configuring your monitor(s), you can save settings into a profile using the save button at the right of the Profile field.

You can always easily revert back to original settings which were at the moment Free Monitor Manager has been installed. Just click the undo button at the right of the Profile field.

Tip: You've set both brightness and contrast to 0% and wanting to dim your monitor further? You can lower blue, green, red values for this (e.g. set them all to 50% or even less).

2. Adjust monitors' settings using global hotkeys

Currently implemented feature: you can assign any key combination you want (with some limitations) to change brightness and/or contrast.

You can configure this functionality in the settings window:

3. Adjust monitors' settings automatically on applications activation

Free Monitor Manager can adjust settings automatically (brightness and/or contrast currently) when you start or switch to some specified application.

For example, it can increase brightness when you start to watch a movie.

You can configure this functionality in the settings window:

Please note, that Windows Store applications are not supported currently.

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