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Your program

Posted: Sun Apr 29, 2018 3:24 am
by WaWa
Dear All,
I am extremely happy that I found your application..!
In fact, I have a recent ASUS All-In-One with 4K display that has high-level profiles build-in Adobe, Agfa, Epson + all CIE.
The specs claim to have perfect colorimetrically calibrated screen-display. I am a Graphic Arts professional and care about a full-scale neutral grey-wedge display - before even correcting the colours. Unfortunately the highlights as well as the shadows were lacking steps on the semi-professional Grayscale I use. Colours were O.K. in the middle tones only.
► I tried a few free applications, most of them worked to correct the errors, but unfortunately they were lost when I switched the PC off. Now that I use your application, it stays and I do not have to reset the profile each time I start the system up. Moreover it is simple to use.